In June 2020, when reusable cups remained at home and disposables became the only way of successfully running a cafe mid-pandemic - we made the switch away from our previously used so-called “paper” cups. We discovered they were actually made with a lining of plastic that recycling facilities are unable to separate from the outer paper components. Therefore when no longer being used, the materials in those cups will pollute soil in landfills or break down to join billions of micro plastics in the ocean. By making the switch to Decent Packaging, the cups are made of absolutely zero fossil fuels and are 100% compostable from cup to lid. It’s not just drinks we switched products for, but our take-away hot food and bakes boxes, and our cutlery also got a makeover to plant-based. By using decent packaging products 151,000 pieces of plastic have been taken out of circulation, and their calculations inform us that 0.4247 tonnes of carbon has been saved. Not bad!

They do a much better job at explaining their materials than we ever could, so for the low down go to:


Since launching a wider range of merchandise in 2020, we’ve tried and tested different suppliers, and have recently landed on Stanley/Stella products for t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats. They only work with GOTS certified organic cotton (see benefits of organic cotton in the image below) recycled polyester from China and other sustainable materials such as Modal®. They’ve been recognised as a ‘Leader’ by the Fair Wear Foundation who work with garment brands and workers to improve labour conditions in factories. For more information about this supplier visit:

Our packaging outgoings have largely increased since offering our merchandise line. We’re in the process of changing all of our packaging resources from none recyclables to easily recyclable/reusable. At the beginning of this year we switched our postage bags to one thats are 100% (commercially) compostable from These bags also include a second sealing strip which enables them to be reused at least once, with ease. How’s about using them for your toiletries on your next flight, or keeping them to send off your next Depop sale?
We still have some ways to go in ensuring every aspect of packaging is either 100% recyclable and/or compostable, for example we’re in the process of sourcing recyclable printing labels and also a paper alternative to bubble wrap. Although used on rare occasion, we still see the importance of making this change so that mugs and can be safely delivered without relying on single use plastic.

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