Coffee is at the core of what we do, it’s a large part of what brings people on the North Coast around a table, and it’s our mission to craft the best cup we can each time.

We have been working with Roasted Brown Coffee Roasters in Wicklow, Ireland for 3 years. Their constant strive to roast consistently delicious coffee while maintaining the highest standards across as much of the supply chain as possible, is what attracts us to them most. They work with some of the best green bean coffee hunters in the world to make sure they’re pursuing traceability. This ensures that the coffee farmers are getting paid, and are actually getting paid twice - once by the processing mill and again when the roaster/importer buys it.

When the coffee is roasted down in Wicklow it ships to us up north in cardboard boxes with paper tape, and recyclable bags. We understand that the reality of recyclable soft plastics is a tricky process to rely on, so moving forward we hope to discuss the possibility of our espresso being shipped in returnable, reusable vessels. This method is only in its infancy however, and would be at the roaster’s discretion.
We are extremely proud to be in partnership with Roasted Brown as we know that the money we (and you) spend always ends up in the right places. To learn more about their story and practices, follow this link:

Having guest coffee roasters on bar and on retail allows us to showcase exciting coffees to customers and staff.  At the moment we order from guest roasters in various parts of the world, moving forward this could be an area to revise by sourcing more Irish and British roasters, or ones certified by the likes of B Corporation, to reduce our upstream supply chain emissions and actively support those doing coffee ethically and more sustainably.

We believe in respecting the resources and products we have in the cafe, this means not wasting unnecessary coffee and respecting the hard work of all the farmers and roasters involved. Ultimately, the less waste from brewing coffee the better but with the inevitable coffee grounds from pulled espresso pucks and brewed filter grounds we ensure to keep it out of landfill. All of our coffee grounds are collected by Frylite and turned into biogas and/or liquid biofertliser. This biogas is a clean renewable energy source which becomes available on the national grid. The biofertiliser produced is used by Irish farmers to fertiliser the growth of more food, and so the cycle continues. If you’re reading this and have a vegetable patch or dabble in making beauty products, send us a message and we can certainly give you our end-of-day grounds for good use!

Lastly, whilst we recommend you try our espresso and filters without milk we are also impartial to a creamy cup from time-to-time. A study by the University of Oxford (Poore and Nemecek 2018) led us to discover that drinking a 200ml serving of dairy milk once per day (for a year) produced 229kg of greenhouse gas emissions, compared to the same amount of oat milk which produces 65kg. This shows that oat milk has a significantly lower footprint than dairy, and in light of this, we decided to support customers making this choice by removing the 40p charge for oat milk. We know that by not penalising a more environmental choice could lead others to trying something new and perhaps getting a taste for the oats beyond their morning bowl of porridge!

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