People are at the very heart of Lost and Found. Across our employees, suppliers, customers and online community, we value each person and hope that this is translated through our various ways of connecting with them.  We want L&F to be a warm and hospitable space for our community to eat, drink, talk and dream and this is not possible without creating the space or culture to do so. We have recently moved away from minimum wage, zero hour contracts and upped our wages to rates that exceed living costs, hoping to be accredited in the near future as a Living Wage Employer. Furthermore we have ingrained into our business a commitment to give away 10% of our gross profit to local or global non-profits. We want to bring life into our community and beyond; we want to be a community that cares. There are so many aspects involved in having people at the top of our priority list and we hope to address and improve on as many as possible in the coming months and years.

There are  many more details, ideas, and thoughts to be had on this topic than are mentioned on this page. We will continue to be transparent with you, and we commit to updating these words as changes are made and further goals are set. Thank you for being part of the L&F family, we look forward to having you in our cafes and discussing any thoughts or suggestions on this topic that you may have. This is a team effort, and we’re all in!